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R+D+i Department is a fundamental pillar in our company, we have always sought to characterize ourselves by constant innovation and search for improvements in construction.

We know that our sector can offer great advantages and improvements in the day-to-day life of all of us and that is why we continue to investigate. The best advances are achieved by respecting tradition and experience while adding evolution and knowledge.

At Ecosteel we are committed to research and technological innovation. After several years of studies we have designed a prototype for the extraction, crushing and preparation of concrete samples for analysis.

The purpose of the project is the technological development of equipment that allows professional studios (architecture and engineering…) to manipulate concrete samples without risk of contamination.

There are many hours invested in this project, which will allow technicians to make precise and error-free decisions since the concrete analyzes will not have any type of contamination.

What is the R+D+i department?

In any sector, this term refers to the investment and dedication we make to advance, to discover, to grow. As its acronym indicates, research, development and innovation (R+D+i).

Ecosteel dedicates much of its efforts to finding ways to improve the construction sector, thus moving forward with our team and clients.

At Eco Steel we wont stop improving and embarking on each project that is proposed to us and excites us, visit our section of projects and our Instagram to always be up to date.